July 26, 2017

How They’re Made

I build furniture using reclaimed wood that was destined for the landfill. Dining tables, dining table sets, side tables, end tables, coffee tables, kitchen islands, desks, All made using reclaimed redwood, douglas fir, ceder, black walnut and oak and other hardwoods. 2×12, 2×6, 1×8, and 1×12 boards and live edge slabs with years of patina, knot holes, nail holes, dings and scratches. You just cant find wood like this at your local big box store. These pieces of furniture are built solid and will last a lifetime…. the kind of furniture you can hand down to your children. I finish my work with 3-4 coats of a blend of natural oils and carnauba wax ( no VOC’s ) this brings out all the amazing natural colors of the wood and provides a long lasting tough, waterproof, alcohol proof, heat proof and very smooth finish.

Key Features-

* Built to last a lifetime with water-proof glue and case-hardened steel zinc-coated screws- no nails or deck screws.
* Finished with a blend of all Natural oils and Carnauba wax. No VOC’s ! Super smooth, Lustrous, water-proof finish – easy to clean, its alcohol proof and heat proof too. Also quick and easy to repair!
* Buffed by hand which brings out the beautiful natural colors and rich matte finish.
* Hand crafted by local artisan